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The Importance of Post-Surgery Care for Veterans

After a lengthy stay in the hospital, it is not easy to come home to an empty home. For many aging veterans who have experienced major surgery or a heart condition, transitioning home after hospitalization requires the right care. Finding the right health care service for post-surgery care is critical as they recover and regain … Continue reading

Life after the Battle: Common Health Problems That Veterans Face

The after-effects of war often go far beyond what meets the eye. From chronic pain to mental health issues that persist long after the battle, most veterans face several health problems that are more frequent among them than the general population. That is why we provide home care services in Lexington, Kentucky to offer support … Continue reading

How Veterans Benefit from In-Home Care

Living at home as long as possible is a major goal for most seniors and is a more favorable option the older we get. In fact, the AARP reports that 3 in 4 older adults express a desire to age at home. For veterans, aging in place is possible by receiving home care services in … Continue reading

Tips for Taking Care of Aging Veterans at Home

Our veterans have sacrificed a large part of their lives to protect and serve our country. Hence, it only makes sense to give back by caring for them in old age. With over 19 million U.S. veterans in 2021 so far, many providers specializing in health care service for veterans are growing in popularity. If … Continue reading