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Health care does not have to be very costly. This is why at Barbara Care, Inc., we offer cost-efficient home care services.

Please take advantage of our Winter Special (December 21, 2018, thru March 19, 2019) before it expires.

Companion Care (4-hour minimum) $21.95 Now $19.95/hour
Personal Care (4-hour minimum) $24.95 Now $21.95/hour
Live-in Care $310.00 Now $295.00/day
Safe Discharge Services (Up to 2 hours of care) $75.00 Now $59.95
Transportation/Errands (Our Bus has Wheelchair Access and holds up to 12 people) Call for Pricing!!!
*Transition Services to new home $399.00 Now $349.00
**Care Management $349.00 Now $299.00
Bath/Tuck-in Care $75.00 Now $59.95
Non-Medical Home Care Assessment $99.95 NOW FREE
Placement Service Free of charge to our clients

Service rates are per hour based on 4 hours or more unless otherwise noted. All of our services and rates are determined by our client assessment needs. There will be a 3% charge for all credit cards.

Call now do not Wait!!! (859) 251-5494 or (855) 24C-ARE4 [2273]

(You or a loved one)

*Transition Services to new home

We assist in getting the client acclimated to his/her new home/facility and engaged in activities. This includes 3 days of care with each day being 6 hours per day. It is an additional cost for more hours and transportation.

**Care Management

Friendly Assurance, Home Safety Check, and finding someone to assist with a chore list at the client’s cost. Calling 2 times a week and talking up to 15 minutes per call. We also will visit in the home or facility 1 time per week with a max of 4 a month.