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Position: Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Driver – Part Time

Reports To: Supervisor

Summary: A professional NEMT driver transports passengers utilizing the agency’s transportation system to various destinations as requested.

Salary: Non-Exempt Position

Duties and Responsibilities:

Operate agency vehicle in a safe, efficient and courteous manner to destinations as directed by daily schedules and dispatcher/office staff requests.

Communicate via two radio (if applicable) and telephone in a safe and courteous manner.

Provide assistance to passengers as necessary including fastening safety belts, entering/exiting vehicles.

Assist disabled passengers when appropriate with wheelchairs or other mobility aids.

Accurately complete daily manifests and fuel reports.

Inspect vehicle and report any maintenance issues to supervisor. Complete requisite paperwork regarding preventive maintenance checks.

Inform office personnel of passenger issues, changes in billing information, and vehicle incidents as required.

Report any accidents immediately to the office and operations coordinator.

Comply with all applicable local, state and federal transportation regulations relating to vehicle operation and safety-sensitive employees.

Adhere to a flexible schedule that may require changes to responsibilities and assignments according to staff availability. (May be required to “sub” or “fill in” for full-time drivers).

Attend all mandatory/applicable training sessions (i.e. First Aid CPR, Passenger Assistance), staff meetings, drivers meetings, etc.

Handle any emergency in a calm and professional manner in accordance with agency policies.

Maintain the interior and exterior cleanliness of assigned vehicles.

Participates in program and/or agency fund-raising activities as directed by supervisor.

Perform other duties as assigned.

Education and Training: High School Diploma or equivalent preferred. Employee must have basic reading, writing and math skills. Upon employment must agree to regular training including but not limited to passenger assistance, first aid, CPR, defensive driving, and bloodborne pathogens.

Must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid Kentucky Drivers License. Applicants/employees must have a clean driving record. Commercial Drivers License may be required for operation of some vehicles.

Individual must have knowledge of basic vehicle maintenance and safety procedures. All drivers must have excellent map reading ability and sufficient knowledge of local streets, roads, and highways.

Experience Requirements: Past experience in passenger transportation is preferred but not required.

Physical Requirements: Upon offer of employment must pass a pre-employment drug screen and agree to be part of the state random drug pool. All employees must submit to random drug tests when necessary. Upon offer, all prospective employees must submit to pre-employment record check for driving and criminal history.

Must be able to push/pull a minimum of 150 pounds and lift a minimum of 50 pounds. Employees must have full range of motion including the ability to sit for extended periods, stand, bend, squat, stretch, twist, etc.

Other Requirements: Drivers must maintain a high level of professionalism, demonstrated by a positive attitude, ability to function as a team member and a commitment to the overall mission of the agency. All drivers must have flexibility and willingness to changes in schedule and duties as needed according to staff availability.

Job duties listed are not necessarily exhaustive and may be supplemented or otherwise revised by the employer at its sole discretion.’

Work Remotely


Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Pay: From $12.00 per hour


Flexible schedule


Monday to Friday

Weekend availability

Work Location: On the road