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With us, your loved one’s well-being is always the priority.
elder woman smiling with caregiver

Taking care of a loved one gives us a rewarding feeling. This is especially true for family caregivers. While they have a noble job of taking care of their loved ones, this also keeps them from attending to their own personal priorities.

Barbara Care, Inc. understands the struggles that family caregivers go through. When you look after someone who’s sick or disabled, it’s a 24-hour job. You need a break from time to time to look after your own needs. That’s where Respite Care can help. Respite Care is a fancy name for give a family caregiver a break. The family caregiver dictates how long of a break they need, so professionals trained to care for elderly people or anyone needing care can relieve them.

Our Respite Care is all about balancing work, life, and caregiving. Some sources you can get relief from are:

  • Relatives and friends
  • Professional In-Home Care providers (Barbara Care)
  • Churches and Volunteer Organizations
  • Adult Day Care centers

Who Needs It?

When someone is ill or disabled and needs care around the clock, caregivers sometimes need time to rest and relax. Some ways to prevent caregivers from burn-out are:

  • Hire an agency to help (Barbara Care)
  • Take time to pamper your self
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Laugh by finding humor in everyday situations
  • Know your limits

With us, you can rest easy that your loved ones are well taken care of. Call us for more details at 859-251-5494.