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Compassion Fatigue: What Family Caregivers Need to Know

Compassion Fatigue: What Family Caregivers Need to Know

Family caregivers know the feeling of fatigue. But what about compassion fatigue? These two words put together look ironic. Would you agree? After all, being compassionate to someone is limitless. The compassion you give is meant to fuel your energy. Yet, for family caregivers, compassion fatigue does happen.

As providers of home care services in Lexington, Kentucky, we respect the challenges of family caregivers. We know the weight of their role. We understand their challenges. We know that they are always motivated to care because of their love and compassion for their family member. Yet, still the same, the physical limitations will come. The body can grow tired. This is when compassion fatigue happens.

We know that this form of fatigue can be overcome. When family caregivers are able to get the rest they need, they are able to regain their strength to provide care to their loved one once again. This is why our respite care services are created. We have a team of caregivers who are ready to step in for you when you need to get a break. These professional caregivers can take care of your loved one with equal compassion that you gave.

But how do you know if you’re already having compassion fatigue? There are signs that you need to watch out for, and these include the following:

  • You are feeling physically tired, weak, and overwhelmed most of the time.
  • You find ways to avoid being with your loved one and you feel guilty of doing so.
  • You have become impatient and intolerant in addressing their needs and requests.
  • You are very short-tempered, showing anger in a way that is not common to your character.
  • You feel hopeless and helpless about your situation.
  • You are often anxious about your situation and your loved one’s condition.
  • You have obvious difficulty in making sound decisions.

These are the common red flags that indicate you need help in caring for your loved one. As a provider of personal care in Kentucky, we understand how these signs can feel like a big distraction. These situations can make us feel like we are the worst person in the world. Yet, what we just need is a simple break. Whether it’s a few hours or some days, you have to get that personal break.

The respite care services we provide can equip you to be a better caregiver. You can stop tormenting yourself about the feelings of guilt, hopelessness, and helplessness. At Barbara Care, Inc., you can trust our team to help you. We are your backups in promoting the wellbeing of your family member while you can also take the time to rest. If they are in need of health care service, we’ll just be right there to step in for you.

Have you been feeling the symptoms of compassion fatigue lately? Do you know someone who is feeling the same? Contact us about our respite care services.

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