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Dementia: How to Cope When You Are Not Recognized

Dementia: How to Cope When You Are Not Recognized

The life transitions of our loved ones with dementia can be difficult to face. Their cognitive changes can be heartbreaking to witness. Yet, these still happen and we can only be there to love them nonetheless. Still, when our loved ones stop recognizing us because of dementia, it can affect us emotionally.

So how do we cope when our loved one stops recognizing us?

As a provider of home care services in Lexington, Kentucky, we would like to share the following tips.

  • Remember Their Feelings
    The person with dementia may no longer recognize you. Yet, they can still feel someone’s presence. They can sense your touch even if they don’t show it. So when you’re talking to them, accompany your conversations with gentle touches. Hold their hand, touch their arms, or pat their backs. These are simple gestures that can let them feel that they are not alone. As you also talk to them, it will be safe to believe that they can still hear you. Their cognitive abilities may not show you that they do. Yet, a person’s hearing is the last one that stops functioning. So you can trust that they can still discern your presence through their hearing.
  • Bring a Photo Album
    When your loved one with dementia has stopped recognizing you, try using old photographs to bring back old memories. Dementia can destroy their memory; yet it works from the present going back. This means that their memories from childhood may still be clear to them. When this is the case, they may still recognize some younger pictures of you or themselves. This can help improve your communication.
  • Forgetfulness Is Not Their Choice
    Yes, your loved one has not recognized you. Yet, this is not something they willed on their own. Their lack of recognition is because of dementia. So as a provider of personal care in Kentucky, we encourage you to comfort yourself with this knowledge. You are still their child or spouse, and nothing can change that – not even dementia.
  • Keep on Loving Them
    Remember that they did not forget you by choice. It can be truly heartbreaking when they don’t smile anymore after seeing your face. Yet, this is just a consequence of their disorder. Your love for them is what matters more. Show them your love by spending more quality time with them.

At Barbara Care, Inc., we recognize how caring for your loved one with dementia can be tough. It is even tougher when we care for them and they don’t recognize you. Yet, we hope that the above tips can help you cope.

Do you need assistance in giving health care services to your loved one? We are here to help you. To know about our services, feel free to contact us today.

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