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Fall Prevention Tips to Keep Seniors Safe at Home


Most falls in older adults can be prevented. If you have a senior loved one who is aging in place, you have the power to protect them from a serious fall. Aside from hiring home care services in Lexington, Kentucky, here are simple fall prevention tips you can share with your senior loved one.

  • Regular exercise Inactivity and aging cause muscle weakness. This is why you should look for an exercise program that will help your senior loved one build their balance, strength, and flexibility.
  • Get vision and hearing tests If your loved one wears glasses or has hearing difficulties, make sure they get their vision and hearing checked annually.
  • Fall proof your home This step involves cleaning up clutter, removing tripping hazards, and installing grab bars and handrails, among others. If you need help in fall-proofing your senior’s home, you can ask assistance from a home health care in Fayette County.
  • Review medications If your senior loved one is taking multiple prescriptions, set an appointment with their doctor to review their medication. Make sure the side effects are not increasing their risk of falling.

Are you looking to hire a health care service provider for your aging loved one?

At Barbara Care, Inc., we offer senior services to help our patients live a safe, independent, and dignified life in their own homes. Our caregivers are well-trained in fall prevention, post-surgery care, dementia care, and personal care in Kentucky. For more details about our services, please set an appointment today.

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