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How to Address Sundowning in Loved Ones with Dementia

How to Address Sundowning in Loved Ones with Dementia

Sundowning is a behavior common in many older adults with dementia. This behavior usually starts during the late afternoon and continues through the night. While providers of home care services in Lexington, Kentucky know how to deal with this behavior, you may have trouble doing so.

Here are ways to address sundowning in your family members with dementia:

  • Encourage daytime activities.
    Pent up energy can lead to restlessness. As much as possible, increase the number of daytime activities and physical exercises that your loved ones do. Providers of personal care in Kentucky can assist your family members with the activities when you cannot be there. Minimize napping, if possible.
  • Plan structured yet calm and quiet activities for the late afternoons and evenings.
    You can have your family members listen to soothing music. Your loved ones can take a quiet stroll outdoors. This will help condition their bodies for rest.
  • Serve light meals before bedtime.
    Make sure that your loved ones do not go to sleep with a full stomach. This will make sleeping uncomfortable for them, thereby only leading to further aggression and aggravation from your aging loved ones. Also, do not serve sugary nor caffeinated foods and drinks before bedtime as they have the same undesirable effects on senior adults.

The care providers from Barbara Care, Inc. can address your and your aging family members’ needs. Our health care service programs are tailored to fit your situation. Call us today!

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