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Safety Practices at Home After Going Outside

 Safety Practices at Home After Going Outside

Nowadays, going outside the house for some errands is a health risk because of the ongoing pandemic. Although we practice safety measures going outside like wearing masks and social distancing, there is no harm at being more cautious and careful when coming back from the trips outside the home. At Barbara Care, Inc., we breakdown some safety practices everyone should do after going outside to protect other people living with you, especially seniors loved ones. With that, everyone’s safety is a priority at our home care services in Lexington, Kentucky.

The first thing a person should do after going out is to wash their hands thoroughly. Next is to remove face masks by the strap as the frontal area of the mask may be contaminated. Face shields must also be disinfected after use. Removing of outside clothes and shoes and changing into new ones is also recommendable for extra caution, especially for family caregivers of high-risk groups like the elderly. Our healthcare professionals working in personal care in Kentucky also advise everyone to avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouths. Households must also practice frequent disinfection of touched surfaces after going out at home like doorknobs, handles, keys, sinks, and others.

Prevention is the best way everyone can help to stop the further propagation of the virus. Our health care service makes sure to practice the extra cautionary measures for everyone’s safety.

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