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Solving Wandering Issues in Loved Ones with Dementia

Solving Wandering Issues in Loved Ones with Dementia

Your loved ones with dementia encounter various difficulties in everyday living due to a decline in their cognitive ability. Among these issues is wandering.

Their cognition leads them to believe a different reality. As a result, they tend to wander. While your dear ones need health care service, you can also do the following:

  • Label your loved ones’ belongings.
    Doing so will be helpful for other people to identify and notify you of your loved ones’ whereabouts in case they stray far away. Be sure to include their names and your contact numbers.
  • Encourage physical movements.
    One of the reasons why they wander a lot at night is because of unspent energy. Be sure to keep them engaged during the day so they can sleep at night. Exercising, dancing, walking, or doing house chores are among the things they can do.
  • Set up blockades.
    Blocking the doors, windows, or other entryways can significantly help minimize wandering, especially at night when everyone is sleeping. Lock the doors and windows. You can also use a black rug or any other object right before they can reach the entrance.
  • Consider home care services in Lexington, Kentucky.
    A home care professional can assist you in lowering the chances of wandering in your loved ones. They can also provide other essential services like personal care in Kentucky.

If you need help with your dear ones with dementia, do not hesitate to contact Barbara Care, Inc. today!

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