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Stress Relieving Activities for Seniors This Pandemic

Stress Relieving Activities for Seniors This Pandemic

The global health crisis has taken a toll on everyone’s daily lives, especially to seniors who are more at risk for severe cases when contracting the virus. The ongoing pandemic has had seniors stay at home, getting worried and stressed over the current situation. Seniors must maintain healthy wellbeing by relieving stress at Barbara Care, Inc. as it can lead to poor mental health and negative physiological effects. Our home care services in Lexington, Kentucky help seniors relieve their stress with some fun activities they can do at home.

One known activity to relieve stress is listening to music. For seniors, listening to music can bring back fun memories from the past that they can reminisce instead of constantly thinking about the pandemic. Music also drives them to do some physical activity, which can promote alertness and concentration, especially when stress has already taken over to drain their energy. Another activity seniors can do at home to fight stress is meditating as it calms and relaxes the mind and body. As we provide personal care in Kentucky, a well-rested sleep and a healthy diet also help seniors for better wellbeing to fight stress.

Socialization is also an essential factor in seniors’ lives to relieve stress. As the ongoing pandemic may limit their socializing activities, our health care service does not only keep seniors company but also help them with getting in touch with loved ones through other means like video calls instead.

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