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Tips When Visiting a Friend in Hospice

Tips When Visiting a Friend in Hospice

Individuals who have terminal health conditions typically take advantage of hospice care. These services focus on minimizing pain in the last chapters of the persons’ lives. In most cases, they will also need home care services in Lexington, Kentucky for support in their daily chores.

It is not easy to know that a friend is in hospice. But, it does not mean that you shouldn’t visit them when you can. Apart from personal care in Kentucky, they also need support from their family and loved ones.

You can make use of these tips when visiting your friend who is in hospice:

  • Call before you visit.
    As a courtesy, you should call before you show up at their door. Ask what is the best time to visit. Your friend needs rest so it will be good to show up when they are awake. Check which foods you can or cannot bring.
  • Talk to your friend like you normally do.
    Give them a hug, high-five, or whatever greeting you used to do. Make eye contact whenever you talk to them. Get close, if the health care service provider allows you to. Reminisce about the good times you had.
  • Tell them what you really feel.
    Grab the opportunity to let them know what you feel about them. Put your fears aside and pour your heart and emotions out.

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