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Top 6 Brain Exercises for Your Senior Loved One

Top 6 Brain Exercises for Your Senior Loved One

As our loved ones approach the aging years, not only do their bones and muscles change, but also their brain functionality. For some seniors in the elderly population, they can even be diagnosed with dementia, which is a progressive disease that affects the brain.

However, giving your brain some “workouts” can help increase their chances of surviving the challenges of the aging years. As your partner in getting quality home care services in Lexington, Kentucky, let us also share with you these brain exercises that your senior loved one can easily enjoy.

  1. Look for a new hobby and get busy with them
    Our aging loved ones will have more time to spare for these hobbies. Encourage them to engage in activities that can strengthen their eye-to-hand coordination such as gardening or knitting. This way, their brain can be stimulated by accomplishing these hobbies.
  2. Join some cooking classes
    Our senior family members may already be experts in the kitchen but they can still learn something more. In addition, cooking utilizes all of your five senses that actually involve different parts of your brain. Not only will you have tastier meals, but your brains can also be worked out.
  3. Play thinking games such as word and number puzzles
    Many of our aging loved ones would like to read newspapers. Aside from reading, which is also a great mental exercise, puzzles can also stimulate their brains since they have to think, analyze, and strategize as to how the game is won. A provider of personal care in Kentucky can also play with them so they will have good company.
  4. Practice remembering things that you’ve listed down
    Every day, encourage your loved one to write things they want to do for that day and let them recall it at some parts of the day. This can also be applied when shopping for groceries. When you make a list, encourage them to think of what they’ve listed down so that they can practice on stretching their brain cells.
  5. Practice computing numbers in your head
    While mathematical problems don’t occur every minute of your day, you have to strive to compute them in your head when there’s an opportunity. For instance, when you need to pay your medicines at the pharmacy, you have to compute how much you’re due. Solving simple math problems in the head are also great brain boosters.
  6. Learn to play a musical instrument
    More than just a new skill acquired, you can also take advantage of the brain-boosting benefit that learning instruments will bring. In fact, the National Institutes of Health featured a study presenting that activities with sustained engagement can greatly improve the cognitive skills of a senior person.

What do you think about these suggestions? When your senior loved one needs further support at home, our team at Barbara Care, Inc. is ready to provide assistance and health care service. Remember to share this post to a friend who can benefit from this additional knowledge.

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