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What Challenges Do our Aging Veterans Face?

What Challenges Do our Aging Veterans Face?

It is certain that the aging years can put anyone of us face-to-face with unique challenges. Our veteran loved ones are no exemption. Despite the bravery and valor that they have exerted in their younger years, there will always come a time of decline. Sadly, this is true for every one of us as we grow older.

As providers of personal care in Kentucky, we are partners of individuals who have reached their vulnerable years. These include our veteran seniors, elderly family members, and those who got sick and disabled. If your veteran loved one is in their senior years, sooner or later you will witness them face various age-related challenges.

Let us count for you below the common challenges that elderly veterans face so that you can also prepare. Keep in mind that whenever you need help, we provide home care services in Lexington, Kentucky. You can contact us to help you.

  • Completing Documents for VA Benefits
    Our government provides special benefits for our honorably dismissed veterans. They have special funding that they can use to augment their daily expenses, including the need for care services. Yet, our elderly veterans are required to present documents that prove their eligibility. Because these processes are lengthy, they will be in need of your help. As early as now, coordinate with your nearest VA office to know how these documents need to be prepared beforehand.
  • Transportation Difficulty
    Like the previous item, elderly veterans can also face challenges with their transportation. This occurs especially when they need to complete their documents. If they are still able to drive, they will also need someone to go with them to the doctor’s clinic. You can address this challenge when someone is ready to keep them company. If you’re not around, ensure that you tap the help of professional caregivers.
  • Unknown Benefits
    Some veterans may not be aware that they are still eligible for certain VA benefits. This lack of awareness can be a reason that they will lack financial support in some aspects of their lives. For instance, veterans are also entitled to receive benefits for their needs for health care services. If they are not aware of this, they will not get the right kind of help that is tailored for their condition. This can result in a reduced quality of life.

Ensure that your veteran family member is getting the exceptional care and service they deserve. For all the years they have served our country, they truly deserve nothing but the best. At Barbara Care, Inc., we have a team of compassionate care providers who are willing to help you in caring for a veteran loved one.

If you would like to know the various ways that we can serve your veteran family member, don’t hesitate to keep in touch with us. We would love to answer questions for you.

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