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Why You Should Wash Your Hands Regularly

Why You Should Wash Your Hands Regularly

The pandemic changed almost everything about our daily lives. As we become more cautious and alert today, practicing preventive measures from COVID-19 like becoming more aware of what we touch and washing our hands regularly, is more pressing now than ever. With that, Barbara Care, Inc. encourages everyone to always wash their hands. As we offer home care services in Lexington, Kentucky, regular hand washing is a vital exercise before and after everything we do.

We may not be aware of ourselves touching anything around us. When we touch things with our hands, the germs from that surface will stay on our hands as well. By washing our hands regularly, we wash away the bacteria and viruses on our hands and in our fingernails before they get into our bodies. These germs can get into our bodies when we touch our eyes, nose, or mouth and can lead to infection instead if we fail to wash our hands regularly. Providing personal care in Kentucky, we make sure to prevent seniors from contracting COVID-19 by helping them wash their hands regularly and practice it ourselves as well.

Everyone must not only wash their hands regularly but also do it properly by washing it with water and soap for at least 20 seconds. Many health care service professionals also encourage to sanitize surfaces that are usually touched by many like doorknobs, handles, and more to kill the germs that are lingering on them.

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