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COVID-19: Keeping Senior Loved Ones Engaged

COVID-19: Keeping Senior Loved Ones Engaged

The current pandemic is keeping many older adults inside their homes. Many of them are taking advantage of home care services in Lexington, Kentucky for their everyday chores. However, they may have trouble meeting their mental health needs.

Physical distancing may be affecting them as it can lead to isolation and stress. What you can do, instead, is to help keep your aging loved ones engaged through these activities:

  • Use technology to connect.
    Technology is playing a huge role in maintaining connections between people nowadays. You can also use it to stay in touch with your senior family members. Whether it is a video call, chat, or an e-mail, you have plenty of options to communicate with them regularly.
  • Play games at home.
    Brain games are great ways to keep your loved ones mentally stimulated. Some of the games you can do include board games and card games. You can also download various brain games on your phone. And if you have a spacious lawn, you can even play badminton or the likes.
  • Provide companionship.
    The best thing you can do for your senior family members at this time is to keep them company. A provider of personal care in Kentucky is also available to offer the companionship they seek.

When you need help for your aging loved ones, Barbara Care, Inc. is ready to assist. We have various home care and health care service offerings.

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