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How Care Providers Help Improve Your Quality of Life (Part 1)

How Care Providers Help Improve Your Quality of Life (Part 1)

There are many reasons that cause an individual to be homebound. Some of these include old age, injury, disease, disability, or other conditions that make it difficult for them to accomplish certain activities of daily living. This is why home care providers like Barbara Care, Inc. offer a wide range of services to choose from. 

Some of these in-home services include, but are not limited to:

  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care
    Providers of home care services in Lexington, Kentucky can help homebound individuals overcome the challenges caused by Alzheimer’s disease and other symptoms of dementia. Health professionals can help in the management of the condition, as well as in encouraging patients to engage in activities and programs that can improve their cognitive ability and mental health.
  • Fall Prevention
    Caregivers can also help homebound individuals avoid incidents, such as slips and falls. This is done by removing all safety hazards in the home and assisting clients with exercises that strengthen their bones and muscles. 
  • Maternity Care
    Providers of personal care in Kentucky offer a wide range of care services not only to the ill, injured, and aged, but also to new mothers who need assistance before and/or after giving birth. Also, caregivers can help make sure that a newborn baby is well taken care of in the comfort of the home. 
  • Post-Surgery Care
    The state that an individual is in after undergoing surgery requires the utmost assistance and care provision. This is why providers of health care service also offer post-surgery care to ensure that all their needs are met and they avoid rehospitalization.

These are only some of the many services that homebound individuals, as well as their family members, can take advantage of. Stay tuned for more!

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