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5 Important Post-Surgery Recovery Tips

5 Important Post-Surgery Recovery Tips

The period after surgery can be one of the most difficult times a person will face. As a reputable provider of home care services in Lexington, Kentucky, we offer the following post-surgery recovery tips.

  1. Rest for the first few days after your surgery.
    It is normal to feel very tired following surgery, particularly if you had a major operation. Make sure to get some rest. Spend time in bed and do not overexert yourself – do only as much as you feel like doing during the first few days after your surgery. Remember, pushing yourself too early may be detrimental to your recovery process. Wondering how long you should rest and stay in bed? Talk to your doctor. The resting period may vary depending on the type of procedure you had.
  2. Follow all of your doctor’s instructions.
    This seems like a no-brainer, right? However, many patients tend to only follow the instructions that they think are important, and disregard the ones they don’t feel are applicable to them. A simple instruction, such as no baths for a few days, may seem trivial but your doctor instructed you to do this for a reason. Make sure to follow all of your doctor’s instructions – no matter how minor or insignificant they seem.
  3. With your doctor’s permission, move around as soon as you can.
    Once you start recovering from your surgery, it is crucial to get your body moving as much as possible. Movement will strengthen your muscles and encourage blood flow, making it easier for your body to heal. Talk to your doctor and ask for exercise suggestions, what activities you should avoid, as well as when you can start moving around.
  4. Make sure to eat and drink healthy, well-balanced meals.
    Most people do not feel like eating after surgery. Oftentimes, they feel too constipated, nauseated, or just not hungry. However, eating healthy meals and staying hydrated after surgery are crucial. It can help minimize complications, promote healing, and may even help you recover from the unwanted side effects of anesthesia. Remember, it is hard for your body to heal if it does not have the fuel it needs to recover.
  5. Hire in-home help if necessary.
    The days after surgery are often frustrating, painful, and boring. Healing is a process that cannot be rushed – it takes as long as it takes and if you try to do too much before you are physically ready, you may actually cause more damage. To make things easier for you at home, consider hiring in-home health care services. Barbara Care, Inc. offers post-surgery and personal care in Kentucky, providing you with the assistance you need as you heal.

The Bottom Line
Remember, once you leave the hospital, you become responsible for your care and ultimately, your healing and recovery. Make sure to keep these tips in mind to avoid complications and ensure a smooth, comfortable recovery after surgery.

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