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Fighting Isolation Among Seniors This Pandemic

Fighting Isolation Among Seniors This Pandemic

Seniors are prone to feeling isolated from the rest of the world due to many factors, mostly involving age-related changes and conditions they experience. The pandemic has even worsened the situation not only for seniors but also for everyone as social activities nowadays are more limited. As a result, seniors do not only feel isolated at home but also stressed over the current health situation. Barbara Care, Inc. aims to fight isolation among seniors as this can lead to serious mental disorders like depression and anxiety. Our home care services in Lexington, Kentucky, also make sure to fight the stress that comes along with feeling isolated.

Seniors will need companions now more than ever. By having someone at home, they can feel less anxious about being alone, especially with the global health crisis still ongoing. With this, our personal care in Kentucky allows us to monitor seniors’ well-being as well during the pandemic and help them manage their stress. Having a companion at home can improve their appetite and sleep as well. As alternative means of physically socializing with family and friends, seniors will surely appreciate video calling them now with the help of their caregivers.

For more ways on how to stop seniors from feeling isolated or lonely during this critical time around the world, health care service establishments are available to help seniors about this anytime.

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