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Why You Must Wear a Mask this Pandemic

Why You Must Wear a Mask this Pandemic

The benefits of wearing a mask are backed and endorsed by all medical professionals, public health experts, health care service providers like us at Barbara Care, Inc., and is strongly encouraged by the scientific community, especially the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the nation’s health protection agency.

Despite this, misconceptions about the use of masks remain, citing impingement of freedom, carbon dioxide poisoning, already testing negative for the virus, and more. All these are incorrect, misleading, and can be dangerous.

As a provider of home care services in Lexington, Kentucky, we believe we need to reiterate the importance of wearing a mask. As such, we’re listing down the most important reasons for wearing a mask in this pandemic.

  • Wearing a mask can prevent you from infecting other people. Respiratory droplets can travel into the air onto other people and cause them to fall ill when you yourself are infected but asymptomatic (when you don’t have the symptoms) or pre-asymptomatic (when you’re not exhibiting symptoms yet). The practice is called ‘source control.’
  • Wearing a mask is your best protection for yourself and your family when you can’t practice social distancing at home, and you suspect you have it.
  • Wearing a mask increases your level of protection along with practicing other proven preventive methods against the virus including social distancing, maintaining good hygiene, properly washing your hands, and avoiding crowded places, among others.

While emphasizing the importance of these measures, the CDC recognizes that there are considerations for not wearing a mask, such as when you cannot remove your mask without aid. In situations like these, you can turn to our personal care in Kentucky for assistance.

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