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Fighting Isolation Among Seniors This Pandemic

Seniors are prone to feeling isolated from the rest of the world due to many factors, mostly involving age-related changes and conditions they experience. The pandemic has even worsened the situation not only for seniors but also for everyone as social activities nowadays are more limited. As a result, seniors do not only feel isolated … Continue reading

Why You Should Wash Your Hands Regularly

The pandemic changed almost everything about our daily lives. As we become more cautious and alert today, practicing preventive measures from COVID-19 like becoming more aware of what we touch and washing our hands regularly, is more pressing now than ever. With that, Barbara Care, Inc. encourages everyone to always wash their hands. As we … Continue reading

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Why Social Distancing Matters During This Pandemic

Barbara Care, Inc. brings you reasons why social distancing is crucial in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Our team at our home care services in Lexington, Kentucky makes sure to practice social distancing, especially when we mostly care for older adults who are one of the higher risk groups for the disease. When we remain … Continue reading

What You Can Do to Boost Your Immune System

Taking care of our health now is more than vital, while the pandemic continues to grow. One way we can prevent from contracting the virus is by boosting our immunity to better fight off infection. At Barbara Care, Inc., we help our clients strive for a better immune system with healthy diets and activities. Providing … Continue reading

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Safety Practices at Home After Going Outside

Nowadays, going outside the house for some errands is a health risk because of the ongoing pandemic. Although we practice safety measures going outside like wearing masks and social distancing, there is no harm at being more cautious and careful when coming back from the trips outside the home. At Barbara Care, Inc., we breakdown … Continue reading

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Stress Relieving Activities for Seniors This Pandemic

The global health crisis has taken a toll on everyone’s daily lives, especially to seniors who are more at risk for severe cases when contracting the virus. The ongoing pandemic has had seniors stay at home, getting worried and stressed over the current situation. Seniors must maintain healthy wellbeing by relieving stress at Barbara Care, … Continue reading

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